Daughter in the Grove

Daughter in the Grove

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Daughter in the Grove

H: 10"

W: 8"


Daughter in the Grove depicts a white stone sculpture of a young girl holding a live fluffy rabbit. Courtney's moody work captures the innocence and whimsy of childhood with its intricate emotional details and juxtaposing elements.

Unmoving, the statue girl seems to be clinging to her rabbit companion, and the bunny looks very cared for. Her head is adorned with a crown of oranges and orange blossom, whose sweetness is attracting bees. The oranges are bold and eye-catching. The orange blossoms are embellished with a spattering of copper foil. The wings on the bumblebees are embellished with iridescent foil, bringing them fully to life and play.


—original artwork details: pyrography, acrylic paint and foil embellishments on birch


holographic foil embellishments

—Fredericksburg, Virginia