"Lulu's Tune” Limited Edition Print

"Lulu's Tune” Limited Edition Print

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Lulu's Tune 

—available sizes: 8 x 10 inches, 11 x 14 inches, 16 x 20 inches


Left in the middle of a garden fair, A woman stands, alone and bare, Her lover gone, and with him, joy, Abandoned like an unwanted toy.

But as she stands, and looks around, Nature's beauty soon astounds, For in the garden, all around, The beauty of life can still be found.

The flowers bloom, the birds still sing, And nature offers everything, A soulmate now, in every way, To guide her through each passing day.

She learns to dance with the wind and trees, And finds new joy in the buzzing bees, And as she stands in her new domain, Her heart begins to beat again.

For in this garden, she finds her peace, Her worries, fears, and pains release, And as she stands, her spirit grows, As nature takes the place of her woes.

So let us learn from this woman's fate, And find our joy in nature's embrace, For in the garden, we all can be, With nature as our soulmate, wild and free.


—print details: smooth surface, heavy weight (230 g, 9.5-mil), neutral white, matte paper accurate color reproduction, high contrast and high-resolution

A high resolution reproduction of my original artwork printed on Archival Matte Paper


no foil
—original artwork medium: pyrography and acrylic paint and holographic foil on wood
—Fredericksburg, Virginia

Original: Available

Limited edition run prints

50: 8"x10" 

50: 11"x14" 

50: 16"x20"