Tattoo Tip Jar

Tattoo Tip Jar

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This "Tattoo Tip Jar" is your ticket and my blessing for you to get some of my existing artwork tattooed on your body, or use my designs as a reference for your tattoo artists' inspiration.

I am always so honored when people like my work so much that they choose to get it tattooed!

Please share your photos with me either on Instagram or sending me a photo of the tattoo! email: I LOVE to see them!

There are four tiers ranging from $25-$100 (whatever you see fit/feel comfortable with!)

Upon purchasing -- you have my blessing and permission to use my existing artwork as reference for a tattoo, and any image requirements are to be arranged with the tattoo artist you are paying to tattoo you.

*This is not for a custom tattoo commission.*

*This is not a physical product*

*I do not provide high-res scans of my work for the tattoo artist to use*

Feel free to message me with any questions!