Artist Statement

My life and my art is rooted in concepts of surmounting the odds. There are many examples in life that are laid out before us, and I want my work to resonate deeply with those who appreciate the unconventional. 

It is my belief that art should evoke a sense of connection, prompting a journey into memories, emotions, and thoughtfulness.

Through paint and pyrography I try and invite collectors to cherish a piece that speaks to their unique tastes and discerning eye for the unusual.

About the Artist

Courtney Burke is an American artist whose work ranges from pyrography to painting. In her practice, she unites alluring aesthetic with deeply felt emotions, and her works take demand the walls to which they’re hung. Courtney pulls inspiration from her personal life and surroundings, capturing themes of family, sentiment, humor, love and nature.

Burke's work straddles the line between control and freedom. Known for her whimsical style and meticulous technique, her works are also embellished by her spontaneity and expressive choices.

At the core, her works is a tribute to both the classical tradition of artistic discipline and the free creativity of craft, inviting the viewer to reflect on their intersection.

She has exhibited locally in Virginia. Her works have been collected internationally, including Australia, Italy, Germany, England and Canada. She currently lives and works in Virginia, USA.


"Burke captures a child-like innocence and sadness with a kind of story-book, animated style that is endearing."
- Debra Balestreri
Director of Visual Arts Education, Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton VA
Adjunct Professor of Art, University of Mary Washington

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