Self Taught

No art school or CV here. Just a kid with a crayon box who grew up and started playing with fire.

Courtney Burke's pyrography art has a distinct and recognizable style that combines elements of nature with a nostalgic and contemporary aesthetic. Courtney is daring yet traditional. She is unafraid to push boundaries and experiment with new techniques and styles, while still adhering to traditional art principles and creating work that is accessible and approachable.

Courtney uses bold, unexpected colors and incorporates unusual materials into her work, but at the same time, she is able to maintain a simplicity and clarity in her artistic vision. She draws inspiration from traditional art forms and styles, but she approaches them with a fresh perspective, finding new and innovative ways to interpret and reimagine them.

In terms of technique, Courtney uses a combination of traditional and modern methods, blending classic techniques like painting, drawing and pyrography with unconventional tools and mixed media.

Overall, Courtney is able to balance innovation and creativity with a respect for the past and a commitment to making art that is meaningful and accessible to a wide audience.

Courtney's Pyrography art is all woodburned by hand without the use of laser engravers. 


"Burke captures a child-like innocence and sadness with a kind of story-book, animated style that is endearing."
- Debra Balestreri
Director of Visual Arts Education, Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton VA
Adjunct Professor of Art, University of Mary Washington

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Fine Art Pyrography Like You've Never Seen Before

Pouring countless hours into every single piece of artwork, Courtney Burke operates completely by her own set of rules.

Her unique process involves drawing, pyrography (woodburning), gilding, foil embellishing and acrylic painting.

Always by hand

Never Machine

Courtney's original artwork is all handmade without the use of laser engravers or printers.